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we love paper /

Despite what others may think, we believe that print will never die and we wanted to spread that love with others. Cards holds sentimental value and there’s just something about its tactility that makes us “Oo-ahh”.


place cards

Have your guests’ names written by hand on a range of colourful and textured paper. Calligraphy ink options in white, black & metallic finishes such as gold, bronze and copper.

wax seals

Finish envelopes with the detailed touch of a wax seal. Browse through a range of impressions or if you’re after a more personal touch, you & your finance’s initials can be made.

agate slices

Create a memorable table setting with our hand-calligraphy agate slices. These are translucent gemstones made from quartz, with each one having its own unique shape.





Our philosophy is to always Stay Creative in everything we do.
This means offering creative products, being creative in our process and sharing creative knowledge.